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My name is Liam Grant. I am an illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. Since finishing my bachelor’s degree in Communication Design at Monash University, I have been producing illustrations on a range of subject matters and developing my process for creating images. I enjoy finding inspiration from the world around me and turning these ideas into images of both non-fictional and fictional subject matters. Expressing an image or idea using unique and simple shapes is a very satisfying part of my creative process.

A number of my images have been commercially produced as premium wooden jigsaw puzzles through the Australian owned brand Mr Bob Puzzles. This includes my illustrations Liam’s Aussie Fauna, Lift-off, Organised Chaos, Liam’s Christmas Collage and Shades of Sunset to name a few.

In my life outside of being an illustrator, I love to watch movies and TV shows (Top Gun: Maverick is the best movie I’ve ever seen and anything Star Wars is always a win with me). I also enjoy sitting down with a good book, in particular action thrillers novels (My favourite authors are Mathew Reilly and Vince Flynn). I always relish the opportunity to spend time spent outside in the fresh air or exercising. I enjoy cycling, walking, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking or my favourite, playing basketball. I am also a supporter of the Melbourne Football Club - go Dees!

Thank you for visiting my website. If would like to inquire about working with me on a project, ask a question or just say hi, please don’t be a stranger! You can reach me through my email

For updates on what I’m up to, you can follow me on my Instagram account

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